Don Davis

Don is our expert host on Collectible Coins and has been working in the television industry for over thirty years. For more than a decade he has been working as a host and guest host for a variety of networks. During his career, he has compiled an impressive record of well over a billion dollars in sales. His passion has always been in collectibles with an emphasis on coins. As a true hobbyist he is as fascinated with the history surrounding each coin as he is in the value and collectability of the coin.

On-Air Don is constantly sharing his knowledge of history and many unusual facts, not only concerning the coins, but of the stories surrounding the subjects and the development of each coin. His fans and collectors continually comment on how well he explains exactly what you are seeing instead of just “selling” the product. Don consistently strives to make his show enjoyable, entertaining and informative. He has a very casual manner which lets you know he truly loves what he collecting coins.

When not on TV, Don is pretty much a home-body enjoying his family which includes his wife, a 15 year old daughter and 5 year old son which keeps him going most of the time. If you get the chance to meet him in person you will realize that what you see on TV is exactly what you get: Down to earth with an off center sense of humor and someone that truly enjoys people.