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We are a professional, top rated organization supplying electrical manpower and industry leading knowledge that looks forward to partnering with you to grow your contracting business and improve productivity.

Here in Florida, both commercial and residential construction is exploding. We are always working to keep your company up to speed on the latest technologies, provide an on demand work force that is skilled at the variety of level your project requires while still remaining competitive in bidding in the Florida market.

Attract the Right Workforce

The construction contracting field is highly competitive. An electrical contractor has to risk capital to achieve revenue goals in order to grow. A contractor must manage cash flows and hit completion targets in a highly competitive field. Employers need a trusted workforce to take ownership of the job. A skilled journeyman wireman uses brain and brawn to complete tasks to that end. Together, when things go right, they deliver a high-quality project on time and under budget. How can an employer attract the right labor force to guarantee things go right?

A competent and motivated workforce can dominate the dynamic field of construction and communication is the key to a strong labor/management relationship. Working within a union business model labor and management establish expectations in wages and working conditions through various flexible agreements. Union or not, inevitably problems occur. A solid relationship can quickly solve problems so that the project maintains the proper flow. These agreements also create a framework for affordable health insurance and retirement for both labor and management. Most importantly, labor and management have teamed up to create an apprenticeship system to train the next generation of project leadership through the Electrical Training Alliance.

Partnering with the Florida IBEW

Today, becoming a partner with the IBEW is simplified and flexible. We can pre-negotiate an agreement using existing language for a myriad of circumstances. The first step is opening a dialog to discuss a project in a local market. Once the expectations are agreed upon, we can begin to provide labor for the project. The IBEW is the labor, and we work directly for the employer, so there are no third parties involved. The employer is responsible for paying the employees their weekly wages and paying one monthly check for all employees toward benefit funds. We can work with office administration or payroll companies to ensure a smooth transition.

One of the most common questions asked when considering this partnership is about the existing workforce. There are two likely scenarios where this is a concern. In the first scenario an employer enters into a temporary agreement for a specific project. In this case we can “carve” out a scope of work so that we can move forward with the relationship separating those who are covered by the agreement from those who are not. The members of the IBEW want to be your trusted workforce, so they are willing to prove themselves. The second scenario, which usually follows the first, involves of an employer who wishes to exclusively use the IBEW workforce as the labor pool. In this case we can work with an employer to classify existing workers to be covered by the agreement so that these employees are also covered by the agreement. No one is required to join the union, but they often do.

Your Workforce is
Your Competitive Advantage

Through this simple, time tested relationship, an electrical contractor can achieve a new level of success by turning the labor/management relationship into a competitive advantage. Having strong industry partners provides a sense of confidence to move outside the comfort zone to grab new market share. The business model has existed for over 125 years and over 16,000 electrical contractors enjoy the benefits of a union labor force today.


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